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Meet Lucy

Lucy before photo

Lucy After Photo

Lucy is a lovely 23 year mare who came to us via Animal Control in a nearby county.  She had been found wandering a road looking for food and was in danger of being the victim of a car accident.  This beautiful girl was blind in one eye and covered with the painful, oozing sores of rain rot.  After many appeals to the public, no one came forward to claim ownership and Red Clay Rescue was contacted.  We immediately went to bring Lucy to her new home.  It took no time at all to get her loaded onto her rescue trailer that would transport her to RCR paradise!  Within a few short weeks of good nutrition and skin care, her new coat began to emerge from under the healing sores and her body was becoming far more rounded and less angular.  Today, she is a beautiful and VERY sweet girl who has finally regained trust. Lucy will remain in sanctuary here at Red Clay and she will spend the rest of her days enjoying bright sunrises and restful sunsets, a full belly and the love of humans.  We are so grateful that she came to spend her remaining years at RCR!

Meet Cocoa

Cocoa before

Cocoa after

Cocoa came to us in June of 2014 as the result of concerned citizens in middle GA. She, along with two pasture mates were found living in squallor– a fenced in yard filled 6 inches deep in manure with no food and filthy water.  All three were severely emaciated.  Cocoa as well as another mare were exposed to the stud on a daily basis so it was presumed that she was pregnant. The owners agreed to surrender the horses and numerous volunteers worked together to get her to RCR.  Sadly, the stud died before he could be loaded onto the trailer that would have taken him to freedom.  Cocoa proved to be gentle and enjoyed being loved.  After visits from the veterinarian, we determined that all Cocoa needed was good food and normal farrier care.  She rapidly gained weight and her coat became shiny and slick.  What a beautiful animal!  She was transferred two months later to a sister rescue for training and adoption.  This story, even though it started badly, has a beautiful ending!!  Cocoa was adopted and has her very own little girl now, in a home that will offer her love for the rest of her days.

Meet Candy

Candy before

Candy after

Candy came to us in June of 2014 with her friend Cocoa–also starved. Found in middle Georgia in deplorable conditions, starved and pregnant, Candy arrived in the heat of June.  She was on strict dietary restrictions due to the risk of refeeding syndrome.  We were worried that her pregnancy would be problematic due to her extreme starvation.  Miraculously, she responded beautifully to the careful protocol of re-introducing her to nutrition.  She gained beautifully and became a joy to behold. Our facility has a great deal of fescue and because fescue damages the in-utero foal, we again consulting a sister rescue that is blessed with a fully equipped stall–just ready for a pregnant mare!  Their outstanding experience with foaling was a true inspiration and gave RCR every hope that Candy would have a beautiful life.  Candy did give birth to a beautiful and healthy foal. She has now been trained and is in the process of being adopted.

Meet Princess

Princess before

Princess after

Princess came to RCR from the Georgia Department of Agriculture as a starvation case.  She was relinquished to us for refeeding and sanctuary as her age indicated.  This precious mare needed absolutely nothing except a nutritious diet. She blossomed very quickly. Her skin problems (rainrot) cleared rapidly and with good veterinary and farrier care, Princess is one of the most loved horses that we have in sanctuary.  She will be here for the rest of her life, eating well and being loved.  We ARE her forever home!