Two horses eating grain out of one bucket



This minute, somewhere, horses are being starved, abused, neglected, or abandoned.  By giving $5 or more per month you can take a stand to protect them.  From emergency rescue to critical aftercare, your faithful support will defend these animals in need, no matter how long it takes.  Join our monthly giving family today and be a MANEtainer!   



Yes, I want to be a MANEtainer!

$5 per month= $60 per year

$10 per month- $120 per year

$25 per month- $300 per year

You choose any amount that you feel comfortable with and then click on the box to indicate that your donation should be given monthly.  Then you never have to think about it again!  You can discontinue at any time. No amount is too small because it all adds up!  This is the easiest and most convenient way to MANEtain your rescue horse at Red Clay Rescue.

Just click below on “donate” and follow the cues provided!

Your donations mean the world to us! Thank you for supporting our mission to rescue equines in need!